Elvy Stream Waterfall


Elvy Stream Waterfall

Accompanied by one more waterfall and pleasant walk, Elvy Stream Waterfall is located on the Elvy Stream which feeds into the Pelorus River. All the facilities nearby, including a café, make this waterfall just the right place to visit.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 41° 18' 25.182" E 173° 33' 19.6806"
Parking: Pelorus Bridge, State Highway 6
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type: State HW Return track duration: 2hrs 

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 3m Type of the waterfall: Plunge

Rating:       ⭐
GPS:          S 41° 18' 25.182" E 173° 33' 19.6806"
Parking:     Pelorus Bridge, State Highway 6
Access:     2hrs  return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Elvy Stream Waterfall is roughly a 1-hour’ drive away from either Nelson or Picton. The road surface is always sealed.

From Nelson head east on the SH-6 for 52 km. A huge car park is found on your right immediately past a bridge over the Pelorus River. The car park is associated with Pelorus Bridge Scenic Reserve. There are sorts of facilities there - toilets, picnic tables and even cafe. All walking tracks start from that parking.

2-hours’ return, more or less easy tramping Elvy Waterfalls Track starts here. The track branches off the Tawa Path and goes along the Pelorus River through the forest. The first waterfall is found on a half way to Elvy Stream Waterfall. Continue on to the track, 10 minutes after the track leaves the Pelorus River shore, you'll reach the waterfall.

Return via the same track, or continue on to Trig K.

Both waterfalls are quite short but charming. Definitely more impressive after a rain!

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