Humboldt Falls


Humboldt Falls

One of the most impressive and tallest Fiordland's waterfalls in a walk-able distance, Humboldt Falls is located in Seprentine Range, 20-minutes’ walk from the end of Hollyford Road. The waterfall, 3-leaps falls, is 275 meters tall but can be seen only from the official viewing platform. The waterfall is included into New Zealand Must See Waterfall's list.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 44° 41' 50.406" E 168° 8' 3.4584"
Parking: the end of Lower Hollyford Rd, Fiordland National Park
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type:16km Gravel Road Return track duration: 40min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 275m Type of the waterfall: Multi-step

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐
GPS:          S 44° 41' 50.406" E 168° 8' 3.4584"
Parking:     the end of Lower Hollyford Rd, Fiordland National Park
Access:     40min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Humboldt Falls is roughly a 2-2.5 hours’ drive away from Te Anau or 4 hours from Queenstown. The road surface is sealed, except for the last 16 km.

From Te Anau follow Milford Rd (SH-94) for first 87km (1.5hrs), then turn right into Hollyford Rd (well signposted) which is a gravel road with more or less acceptable surface, so in good weather, any vehicle can drive there (could be inaccessible during a heavy rain). There is a parking at the end of Hollyford Rd with a shelter, a table, and a long-drop toilet.

A well-maintained 40 minutes return Humboldt Falls Track starts from the parking and climbs to the waterfall's lookout. The official DOC sign says that the track is 30 minutes return, but better allow 40 minutes because the way to the waterfall can take up to a half an hour. The way back will be much faster.

Despite the facts that the waterfall can be seen only from a distance and that the waterfall's base (officially) inaccessible, the waterfall's view from the official platform is stunning. There is a bench on the platform at the end of the track to enjoy the view and relax after a walk.

Moreover, if the last couple of days were rainy, one more waterfall would show up on the right side of Humboldt Falls, and another one on the left side.

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