Mokoroa Falls


Mokoroa Falls

Mokoroa Falls consists of two waterfalls - Houheria Stream Falls (the right one on the panorama in the Gallery) and Mokoroa Falls itself (on the main photo). The waterfalls look really impressive in a rainy season.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 36° 50' 11.5254" E 174° 28' 17.8608"
Parking: Horsman Rd, Waitakere
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type:2km Gravel Road Return track duration: 1hr 15min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 11m Type of the waterfall: Curtain

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐
GPS:          S 36° 50' 11.5254" E 174° 28' 17.8608"
Parking:     Horsman Rd, Waitakere
Access:     1hr 15min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


The Goldie Bush Walkway tracks are closed from Friday 4 December 2020 until further notice. This is to enable further work to be undertaken to manage the impact of kauri dieback.

Mokoroa Falls is roughly a 45 minutes’ drive away from Auckland City. The road is sealed, becoming a gravel one for the last 2 km.

From Auckland travel west on the SH-16 motorway for 21 km, then turn left into Taupaki Rd, which becomes Waitakere Rd. In Waitakere turn right into Betherlls Rd, then immediately turn right into Wairere Rd and follow it for the next 4.5 km. Turn right into Horsman Rd, which is a gravel Rd, and follow it for the next 2 km. The carpark is at the end of Horseman Rd. There are no facilities there.

A well-maintained 40-minutes' walking Mokoroa Falls Track leads to the waterfall’s upper viewing platform. Mokoroa Falls is seen from there, but, unfortunately, only the top of the Houheria Stream Falls can be seen from this platform. There are no stairs on this part of the track, hence, with care, it is suitable for a wheelchair and kids strollers.

From the upper lookout, wooden stairs bring you to the base of both waterfalls. You need to cross the stream to reach the better view of both waterfalls. In flood, there is no way to reach the base of the waterfalls, so please be patient and enjoy the falls from the lookout. In good weather, it’s a perfect place for a picnic.

Return via the same track (40 minutes), or if you've got a reasonable level of fitness continue on to the Mokoroa Stream Track (requires a few stream crossings and passes a couple of beautiful cascades), then turn to the Goldie Bush Walkway. If you choose the second option, then the way back from waterfall will take roughly 3-4 hours. 

Most of the photos posted here have been taken after heavy rains. In dry weather, there could be almost no water in the waterfalls (please refer to the last photo in the Gallery below).

Many thanks to Tony Searle for a couple of great waterfall's photos (please refer to the Gallery).

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