Lake Pegasus Waterfall


Lake Pegasus Waterfall

A handmade, Lake Pegasus Waterfall is seen at multiple locations from the walking path running along the lake.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 43° 18' 39.978" E 172° 41' 50.0712"
Parking: Motu Quay, Pegasus
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Easy walking track
Road type: Sealed Return track duration: 10min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 4m Type of the waterfall: Segmented

Rating:       ⭐
GPS:          S 43° 18' 39.978" E 172° 41' 50.0712"
Parking:     Motu Quay, Pegasus
Access:     10min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Lake Pegasus Waterfall is roughly a 35 minutes’ drive away from Christchurch, or just 15 minutes’ from Kaiapoi. The road surface is sealed.

From Christchurch head north along the Main State Highway 1. After Woodend, on the road-about turn right onto Pegasus Blvd which brings you to Pegasus. Follow this road for the next 2.2km, then on the round-about turn left onto Pegasus Main St.  You will reach the parking after 500m of driving. There is a relatively big car park there with cafe, playground and public toilets nearby.

You will see the waterfall from the parking. Walk across the lake bridge. You will see a small sandy beach with the waterfall nearby. Walk to this beach and enjoy the close proximity of the waterfall.

Return via the same route (10 minutes total walking time), or take your time and walk the whole path which follows the lake shoreline (total walking time 30-45 minutes).

The walk is wheelchair/kids stroller friendly.

Lake Pegasus Waterfall is a handmade falls, hence it might be turned off for the maintenance.

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