White Creek Waterfall


White Creek Waterfall

Un-officially named, White Creek Waterfall is one of many waterfalls which are seen along the popular Fox Glacier Walk. Neither payments, nor difficult climbing required

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 43° 29' 45.0558" E 170° 3' 18.0468"
Parking: Fox Glacier Rd, Fox Glacier
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type:1km Gravel Road Return track duration: 50min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 15m Type of the waterfall: Segmented

Rating:       ⭐⭐
GPS:          S 43° 29' 45.0558" E 170° 3' 18.0468"
Parking:     Fox Glacier Rd, Fox Glacier
Access:     50min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


White Creek Waterfall is roughly a 10-minutes’ drive away from Fox Glacier Village, or 2.5-hours’ from Hokitika. The road surface is sealed, expect for the last kilometre which is a gravel road.

Make your own way to Fox Glacier Village. From here, head south on the SH-6 for 1.5km. Don’t cross the Fox River – just before the bridge turn left into Fox Glacier Rd (well signposted) and follow it for the next 4km. There is a huge car park at the end of Fox Glacier Rd with toilets and picnic tables.

From the parking follow Fox Glacier Walk (you don't need to pay for it), then roughly in 20-25 minutes you reach the waterfall. It’s located on the White Creek on your left. You won’t miss it. Please keep to the official track.

From here, it’s 5-10 minutes’ walk to reach the glacier lookout area. Return via the same track.

The walk is more or less easy, but it could be dangerous. Please refer to the Doc site, Hazards section for more information.

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