Bridal Veil Falls


Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is located in the heart of Te Urewera National Park – a waterfalls paradise. Sadly, the waterfall is quite often overlooked because of a more popular neighbour, Aniwaniwa Falls.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 38° 44.645' E 177° 09.683'
Parking: Waikaremoana Rd, Urewera National Park
Vehicle type: 4WD vehicle recommended Track type: Easy walking track
Road type:30 or 50km of Gravel Road Return track duration: 10min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 15m Type of the waterfall: Cascade

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐
GPS:          S 38° 44.645' E 177° 09.683'
Parking:     Waikaremoana Rd, Urewera National Park
Access:     10min return walk

Walking and driving instructions


Aniwaniwa Falls are roughly a 4-4.5 hours’ drive away from Rotorua or 3.5-4 hours from Napier. Don’t rely on Google trip time estimations. The road is a typical winding one with lots of ‘zigzags’ and unsealed surface. We recommend a 4-WD vehicle for this trip.

Driving from Rotorua: travel south on the SH-5, then turn left into the SH38, a sealed road, which becomes a gravel winding road for the last 50km. The last 20-30 km is a zigzag road, sometimes one-way one, which runs alongside the lake's shore.

Driving from Napier: travel north on the SH-2, then turn left into the SH38, a sealed road, which becomes a gravel one for the last 28km.

Follow the main road until you reach an Information Center. There is a huge car park here, which has dedicated place for a picnic and toilets.

From the parking follow Aniwaniwa Falls loop track (the true left stream’ bank). 5-minutes after beginning of the track you should reach a sign 'Bridal Veil Falls'. Turn right into this side track which is about 5-minutes return from the main track. The walk leads to the waterfall’s base. Return via the same track. When you’re back to the main track you have a choice to return back or continue on to walk the loop. If you decide to do the whole loop then you’ll see two more waterfalls – the Upper and Lower Aniwaniwa Falls.

Waterfalls nearby

Aniwaniwa Falls

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Access:     20min return walk
Driving:   1 m (1 min)

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Mokau Falls

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Access:     1min return walk
Driving:   10.3 km (18 mins)

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Papakorito Falls

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Access:     10min return walk
Driving:   1.7 km (3 mins)

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Tauwhare Falls

Rating:       ⭐⭐
Access:     2min return walk
Driving:   10.0 km (18 mins)

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Korokoro Falls

Rating:       ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Access:     4days return walk
Driving:   19.9 km (36 mins)

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