GPS Coordinates and address

GPS of the view point: S 44° 03.185 E 169° 22.798
Parking: Haast Pass-Makarora Rd

Driving and walking conditions

Vehicle type: All vehicle types
Road type: State HW
Track type: Easy walking track
Return track duration: 2min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 15m
Type of the waterfall: Multi-step

Diana Falls




A complex of two waterfalls, Diana Falls is located on HAAST Highway. This is roadside waterfall which is not required any walk and can be seen from a car.


Walking and driving instructions


An easy all vehicle types’ drive takes roughly 1 hour from Wanaka. The road surface is always sealed.


There is a small un-official car park on Haast HW near the waterfalls, 5 minutes drive from the Gates of Haast when drive to Wanaka.


No track. The waterfalls may be seen from the road - Diana Falls (on the main photo) and a companion waterfall (first photos on the Gallery).




Haast is one of the must see places in New Zealand. Haast, The perfect destination to explore some of New Zealand's most unique scenery and wildlife situated amidst spectacular & rugged scenery of the South West New Zealand World Heritage area, between ancient rainforests of Te Wahipounamu, glaciers, and the Tasman sea.


Photo Gallery


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