Whangarei Falls


Whangarei Falls

Whangarei Falls is located in Whangarei Scenic Reserve. The classic curtain waterfall is part of the Hatea River and one of the most popular swimming spot in the area. Easy access and a well-maintained Scenic Reserve make this waterfall one of New Zealand Must See Waterfalls.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 35° 41' 5.2146" E 174° 20' 9.2364"
Parking: Boundary Rd, Whangarei
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Easy walking track
Road type: Sealed Return track duration: 10min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 26m Type of the waterfall: Curtain



Walking and driving instructions


Whangarei Falls is roughly a 10-minutes' drive away from Whangarei city center or 2.5-hours' from Auckland. The road surface is always sealed.

Make your own way to Whangarei, then follow the signs ‘Whangarei Falls’ until you reach a car park at Boundary Rd. The area is very well maintained by (we assume) a local council and has toilets as well as a beautiful picnic area with a few tables.

An easy walking path leads to the upper waterfall’s lookout. It takes only 2 minutes to reach this lookout, and the walk is suitable for people of all abilities.

To walk to the waterfall’s base, you need to cross the river via a concrete bridge and follow the track. One minute after crossing the river you’ll see one more upper lookout – don’t miss it. It will take 5 minutes to reach the waterfall’s base from this lookout and then 5 minutes to come back to the carpark using the same track, or return via the 30-minutes' loop track. This track has the stairs and not suitable for wheelchairs/strollers.

Don’t be disappointed! Whangarei Falls is a type of waterfalls which may have little or no water at all during a dry summer. Hence, if the summer is dry with no rain for a few weeks, please don’t expect to see a powerful waterfall.


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Attractions nearby


Apart from the city itself, you may be interested in visiting Claphams National Clock Museum or walking a track from Whangarei Falls to Paranui Falls.


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