Pokeno Waterfalls


Pokeno Waterfalls

Unofficially named, Pokeno Waterfalls, also known as Leathams Stream Waterfalls, are found in a new lifestyle subdivision of Pokeno Village. Actually, there are two waterfalls, one of them is seen from the road, while the second one is easier to access.

Driving and walking conditions

GPS of the view point: S 37° 14'49" E 175° 1'47"
Parking: Lorrie Ln, Pokeno
Vehicle type: All vehicle types Track type: Walking track
Road type: Sealed Return track duration: 10min

Waterfall parameters

Waterfall height: 6m Type of the waterfall: Cascade



Walking and driving instructions


Pokeno Waterfalls are roughly a 40-50 minutes' drive away from Auckland City. The road surface is always sealed.

Note: Google probably doesn’t know about this address yet, so just follow these instructions: If you drive from Auckland City, travel south on the SH1 motorway until you reach Pokeno Exit (1km past SH2 turn off). Exit from the motorway, then on a round-about turn left onto Dean Rd, then turn right onto Fraser Rd. Turn right onto Market St, then immediately turn left onto McIntosh Dr (you’ve almost arrived). Follow McIntosh Dr for 400m, then turn right (you will see the parking and bridge from the intersection). In roughly 150m you will reach the parking (8 car’ spaces). There are no facilities there.

From the parking, cross the steam via a vehicle’ bridge, then turn left and follow a newly built walking path which runs along the stream. The path descends to the stream bed. Here you will see 2 waterfalls – the main one, on the left, and the second cascade, on the right. You can come very close to the main waterfall, and also there is some sort of bench nearby. The second cascade is seen from a distance and can’t be easily accessible, but it's still possible.

Return via the same route. Total walking time is about 10 minutes.

There is also an option to walk to the top of the second falls - from the parking follow a walking path which brings you to the top of the falls. Return via the same track. Total walking time is 5 minutes. 


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